RE/F/r:ACE is a participatory multimodal city event utilising interactive and mobile media on several levels. The project embraces contemporary socio-political themes like the rhythm of urban life and difference through visual and sound design. On a metaphorical level, it deals with concepts related to social glue, the miracle of human bonding through social media.

Visually the core concept of RE/F/r:ACE consists of projections on buildings and localised sound environments in public spaces. The projections are made from citizen’s portraits. The faces belong to people who represent the livelihood of the city’s different ethnic identities, social hierarchies and classes. The human faces shown in the projections are animated and edited in real-time by morphing and layering. In conjunction with the animated still-photographs, the visual flow of the projected image is built up from the use of pre-recorded video clips of the slow movement of the human faces: slashing eye lids, smiling, tipping and turning of the head. Most importantly passers-by in the street are able to send their own or their friends images directly from their mobile phones, instantly affecting the projected images.

The images are simultaneously converted into sound data which feeds into the localised sound projections in the public space. An ambient sound environment is created en situ by recording urban sounds from the local environment during the event. These sounds are synthesised and projected back into the city space to accompany the images.

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