Image Stream

The Installation version repository

The Performance version repository

Version 14.09.2014


  • Small preview of black-and-white has been removed
  • Pressing the Enter key triggers immediate image load on the screen – always from files, no attempts to fetch email (only in the performance version)

Executable file archives are in the repository downloads. Follow the links at the top of the page.

Version 26.02.2014


  • Pressing f1 shows current state of nano controls (Performance)
  • Parameters vary in time according to configuration, see example below (Installation)


Version: 11.04.2012


  • Sound is played in a loop
  • Increased duration of original image ( period * 3 / 4 )

Version: 13.03.2012


  • Sliders 3 and 4 are used to control ‘spread speed’ and ‘outline’ of BW image
  • Low and high frequencies are controlled by knobs 3 and 4

Version: 07.03.2012


  • Hybrid mode
  • Knobs 1 and 2 control image movement

Version: 04.03.2012


  • dumps screen into images/dump.jpg (every 5 seconds by default. Set dump=0 to disable)
  • the data source is configurable, the default value is file:
    • set source=web to download images from the meetfactory server (the old functionality)
    • set source=file to use files from local folders under data/images (res, stock, and used directories)
  • Local cameras (as many as found attached to USB ports) are used. This is enabled by default. Set camera=false to disable.
  • Sends commands to a COM port to control LEDs connected to Arduino, see the Arduino project included in the archive.
    • add the line com=COM1 (or any other port) to config.ini. The default port is COM4
    • add the line rate=19200 (or any other value) to config.ini. The default data transfer rate is 57600.

Folders on the Web server

  • uploaded – original images
  • res “live sent in by participants” – reduced size, *-a.jpg and *b.jpg files
  • stock “stock”
  • used “already used”

Images come from either stock or res with probability defined by ‘stock’ configuration value which is adjustable from controller.
Only if res directory is empty, the used images are re-used again.


The file is in bin directory of the application

move=true an image gets moved from res to used after the first usage.
Operation modes

  • file
  • web
  • hybrid

Stock images

For all modes, stock images should be processed via the web server. This generates a second image needed for sound generation.
Then the results (-a and -b files) should be moved either to /stock directory on the server or to local drive, depending on the mode.

Image selection

In hybrid mode, based on probability of using stock image:
either stock image is used,
or a request is sent to the server.

In the latter case, if the server has no new images, the application takes a picture with one of webcams (on round-robin basis).

Nano Kontrol sliders and Img Stream – to be corrected!!!

  1. Fading between images
  2. Shake
  3. Lowest frequency of generated sound
  4. Highest frequency
  5. Period of download – DO NOT go to bottom!
  6. Control possibility of using stock images – slider at bottom takes most recent uploaded image
  7. Colour control – Red
  8. Green
  9. Blue

Performance mode:

– email receiving works

– press “p” to take picture from 1 attached webcam

– if no new cam or email pics, then use stock / used

Installation mode:

– email receiving works

– automatic cycle through of attached webcams for taking pictures,

– dependent on slider setting for cam pic vs stock photos

– check email first, then either stock or webcam depending on setting

1. Check if new email image – if yes, show it, if no continue

2. Check current setting for “stock-camera” slider.

3. If is camera’s turn, take photo and present it

4. If it is stock image turn, retrieve and present it.

5. Go to 1.